WA Wa Punx: Football Chevrolet Colt 45

WA Wa Punx debut EP. The transatlantic duo make music that you have heard but don’t know you have. TV Shows, movie trailers and commercials all jumped on their debut album “Hip Hop Kicks” and this is their first release for HRWZ.

Football Chevrolet Colt 45

Bears From Labrador: Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is the third and final EP in the series of Bears From Labrador’s debut releases and it’s every bit as beguiling and beautiful as the first two offerings.

Paradise Lost

Bears From Labrador: El Cantar De Mio Cid

Here you will find bandits and pistoleroes, the great Bella Starr cutting down her enemies, searching for truth and honour in a life spent exiled. El Cid rides Bavieca, brought to life in the 21st Century, face to face with modernity and wanting nothing but destruction.

HRWZ022 El Cantar De Mio Cid

Bears From Labrador: Wilderness

“What you gonna do when the money’s gone?” In a music scene where lyrics about crisps pass as social comment, we need a band that dares to think further than yet another Friday night of posturing and pissing it up at the local pit. The menacing groove of ‘God’, the opening salvo from their debut EP ‘Wilderness’, shows that Bears From Labrador are that band.


Cheap Hotel: New York

This limited edition 7″ single was Hero Rhymes With Zero’s first release.

HRWZ020 - New York

Dylan Rippon: Jack Morrow Hills

Dylan Rippon’s fourth solo album is dark and devastatingly beautiful.

HRWZ015 Jack Morrow Hills

Dylan Rippon: Tigershark

Tigershark is a quicksilver album full of contradictions and ingenious surprises.


Solar: Astrodome LP

Solar’s debut album released by HRWZ for the first time.

HRWZ008 Astrodome

Dylan Rippon: Rocks And Sands

Dylan Rippon’s controversial single originally released in 2003.

HRWZ017 Rocks And Sands

Dylan Rippon: Hail! Taikonauts

Dylan Rippon’s second instrumental album is a Chinese Space Fairytale set to music.

HRWZ016 Hail! Taikonauts

Dylan Rippon: Needles On Strange Acoustics

Needles On Strange Acoustics is a collection of recordings made by Dylan Rippon between 1995 and 1997.

HRWZ012 Needles On Strange Acoustics

Grand Union: Recordings 2000-2001

Grand Union: Spanish Dust Indian Rust LP

Grand Union’s ‘Spanish Dust Indian Rust’ is a compilation of the band’s two EPs recorded in 2001.

Spanish Dust Indian Rust

Grand Union: All That Spanish Dust EP

Grand Union’s debut EP recorded in the spring of 2001 and released in May of the same year as a CD limited to an edition of 200 copies (SOLD OUT).


Grand Union: All That Indian Rust EP

Grand Union’s 2nd EP recorded in the Autumn of 2001 and now released for the first time by HRWZ.


Solar: The Six EPs – Diablo Fuel 1998-1999

Solar: Six Suns LP
Six Suns is a HRWZ double album compilation of all 24 tracks from Solar’s six EPs originally released by Diablo Fuel.

Six Suns

Solar: Sure EP
Originally released in Jan 1998 as a limited edition of 500 CDs (SOLD OUT).


Solar: Thin Air EP
The second EP in the series of six originally released in May 1998 as a limited edition of 500 CDs (SOLD OUT).

Thin Air

Solar: Headshake EP
The third EP in the series of six originally released in October 1998 as a limited edition of 500 CDs (SOLD OUT).