Danny Sucks At Video Games

The brand new single from WA Wa Punx will be released on November 2nd, 2020. Now tell me, can you groove with this shit?
Listen to it here

DANNY SUCKS RELEASE DATEWA Wa Punx_Danny Sucks at Video Games

Let’s Go To The Rodeo

Let's Go To The RodeoKilling A Man

Dylan Rippon’s latest single ‘Lets Go To The Rodeo’ is released on Monday 28th September 2020. Taken from the upcoming mini-LP ‘Killing A Man’. A kick-ass song about the weird pleasure of watching people doing dangerous things, it also has darker undertones that swirl and whirl around populism and the paranoia of films like ‘The Parallax View’. Gregg Braden hits the drums, Sebas Simeon plays the bass. It was recorded in Sawmills Studios in Cornwall which, alas, is up for sale. All things must pass. It’s avaiable on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.

This Is Stand-Up

This Is Stand-up

Hero Rhymes With Zero contributed to Comedy Central’s brilliant documentary about the highs and lows of life as a stand-up comedian. Songs by Every Kid Knows, Dylan Rippon, WA Wa Punx all feature. It’s a brilliant film, hilarious and moving. Check it out!

Astronauts of the Hydrocosmos

Debut album from Every Kid Knows available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all the rest.
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Astronauts of the Hydrocosmos

3Voor12 interview Dylan Rippon

Dylan Interview

Nice interview by 3voor12 with Dylan Rippon talking about Every Kid Knows, the music scene in Den Haag and his favourite tracks of all time.

Bona Rosa’s Life Ain’t A Pretty Picture now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more

Bona Rosa

Bona Rosa’s beautiful album “Life Ain’t A Pretty Picture” is finally available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. The collaboration between Dylan Rippon and George Nigel Hoyle has produced a timeless pop statement that deals with love, loss and alienation in a loveless alien world. The sleeve artwork was provided by the wonderful Jason Limon. Check out his work here.

Bona Rosa – Don’t Say Goodbye Video

Bona Rosa Don't Say Goodbye

Check out the video!

Vinyl Vinyl

EKK LP Sleeve
They’ve just arrived – our first vinyl LP Every Kid Knows debut album – ‘Defenders Of The Nish’.

EKK LP Sleeve
Defenders Of The Nish Sleeve artwork and design by Zeel & Orson .

Bears From Labrador – Chop It Down

Bears @ Pappy's

Zeel & Dr. Johnstone

Dr. Johnstone Logos

The mighty pen of Zeel introducing the good Dr. Johnstone.

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