Cheap Hotel – NEW YORK Vinyl 7″ Limited Edition

HRWZ020 - New York

This limited edition 7″ single was Hero Rhymes With Zero’s first release (earlier recordings came to us via Diablo Fuel). We are extremely proud of it. Richard Brown writing for Culture Deluxe praised the single as “without doubt the dirtiest, filthiest garage rock you’ll hear this week”. ‘New York’ and the flip-side ‘High’ were produced by Pritpal Soor who went on to co-write much of Anna Calvi’s brilliant debut for Domino Records. Kelvin Goodson wrote the original press release……

“New York, New York, she’s in New York”. And so are we as Cheap Hotel’s debut single achieves what so many have failed to do in capturing the brutality and all-embracing clamour of the city that never sleeps. A fleeting, yet beguiling, encounter on the East River, amidst the never- ceasing bustle, is introduced with a metal-plated monster of a riff that could cause The Big Apple’s trademark skyscrapers to quiver to their foundations. In a climate where women in bands are more about the duds than the depth, Anna Calvi’s voice is at once delicately detached yet aggressively passionate. Intense insistence gives way to a seductive sirens call as she sighs “We met in Brooklyn, we met on Brooklyn Bridge”. It is this encapsulation of the sleazy and the sophisticated, the furious and the fragile which has seen word of the London trio spread far and wide, with their elegant yet electrifying live performances captivating all who witness them. This energy and attitude has found its way into ‘New York’, through the unvarnished hostility of Gregg Braden’s drumming and the swaggering belligerence of Ulli Mattsson’s bass that could total “the steel constructions above the street lights”. Breaking down into a hypnotic haze that reflects the neon glare of the big city in the dead of night, Cheap Hotel reveal an imagination and inspiration almost devoid from music in 2008, as they build to a haunting, howling finale that is part tribal chant, part sonic assault and part bloody-minded banshee wail that will leave ‘New York’ seared into your synapses.

All 500 copies of the 7″ vinyl are sold out – the single has now been deleted.