Every Kid Knows

“Every kid knows jobs are finished; role-playing has taken over.” – Marshall McLuhan 1971
Every Kid Knows are a pop-power trio based in Den Haag, city behind the dunes. Dylan Rippon on guitar, Joeri Gordijn on drums and Sebas Simeon on bass. They’ve got a guru and they know what they need to do. Spinning Jenny. That’s the twist. Can you take beautiful guitar melodies and turn them inside out and remember why you started?…Read more.

Every Kid Knows

WA Wa Punx

WA Wa Punx is the unlikely transatlantic Hip-Hop garage-rock mashup created by Cory Jarnagin and Dylan Rippon. Back in the old days of 2009 Dylan was touring the West Coast of the U.S with his band Bears From Labrador. On arriving at a dive bar in Bremerton, Washington, the band learned that Cory was their support act. Armed with nothing more than an iPod to provide the beats Cory took to the stage and blew them away. On returning to the U.K. Dylan and Cory began collaborating on their first album, Hip Hop Kicks…Read more.


Bears From Labrador

Bears From Labrador are Dylan Rippon, Greg Braden and Rob Cann. They can be found writing and rehearsing in their studio in the heart of London Fields, E8. They performed for the first time a little over a year ago at the “Pretty Vacancies” club night held at The George Tavern on Commercial Road. They haven taken their name from Melville’s Moby Dick…Read more.


Dylan Rippon

Dylan Rippon is a songwriter, producer, guitarist and founding member of Solar, Grand Union, Gramercy, Bears From Labrdor and WA Wa Punx. He began his career in London in the late 1990s. Using samplers and tape machines he immersed himself in the lo-fi scene that stood at odds with Britpop. His solo albums are characterised by a collage of styles and textures. Samples, live drums, synthesizers and acoustic guitars are used to create a post-modern pop sound that defies categorisation. Read more.

Dylan Rippon Studio

Cheap Hotel

Pretty Vacancies Club Night at the George Tavern- a faded old pub on the Commercial Road, a decrepit seventies disco dance-floor in the backroom, peeling wallpaper and dodgy electrics. But in the corner a young trio takes the stage. Cheap Hotel – Anna Calvi, Uli Mattesson and Gregg Braden. To me it seems like the answer to all that conservative, overblown, boring guitar music. Here I am listening to something that can breath fresh life into the scene. Read more.