Solar: The Six EPs

Solar’s Six EPs were recorded over 1997-1998. The basic setup consisted of a Tascam 244 4-track tape recorder, an AKAI 12-track tape machine, an EMU e64 Sampler and a couple of microphones. The first EP ‘Sure’ was released on the bands own label Diablo Fuel in January 1998. Featuring Pete Howard (The Clash) on drums the lead song was playlisted by Xfm and was described as ‘tubthumping dub’ by the NME. ‘Pale Morning’, a beautiful tribute to Gram Parsons recorded on 4-Track, features Morgan Nicholls (Muse, Gorillaz) on Hammond Organ and is as far removed from the lead track as it is possible to be. Together the Six EPs feature everything from hardcore country-blues (Somebody On My Side) to minimal electro (Drifting Knowing) via voodooed psychedelic rock’n’roll (Thin Air). Magical lo-fi, reverb-laden loops, pitched down and then up, bit-crushed and inverted and everything saturated with the hiss of tape.