Bears From Labrador: El Cantar De Mio Cid EP

HRWZ022 El Cantar De Mio Cid

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Bearded Magazine
“A riotous blast of gloriously taut blues aceness.”

“If you dig Buffalo Springfield’s ‘Mr Soul’, have a listen to this.”

Clickmusic 4/5
“Armfuls of snake-hipped rhythm that shamelessly nip at your undercarriage like a flustered terrier.”

Record Box 4/5
“I’m not sitting on the fence anymore, I like this group and El Cantar De Mio Cid is the turning point in this.”

Call Upon The Author
“Finding the perfect matching points for elements of blues, country and folk, they craft songs of exquisite beauty.”

“A great EP from start to finish.”

IndieLondon 4/5
“Bears From Labrador are very definitely worth seeking out and shouting about.”

Sounds XP
“The sort of punchy swagger that Nick Cave might have if he were a New rather than Old Testament kinda guy, on the side of the angels rather than battling his demons.”

The Music Fix
“Chop It Down could be easily mistaken for Queens of the Stone Age (no bad thing, obviously).”