Cheap Hotel

Anna Calvi, Ullrika Mattsson and Gregg Braden were Cheap Hotel. HRWZ first witnessed one of the band’s shows at the Pretty Vacancies club in 2007.

Cheaps @ The George

“Pretty Vacancies Club Night at the George Tavern- a faded old pub on the Commercial Road, a decrepit seventies disco dance-floor in the backroom, peeling wallpaper and dodgy electrics. But in the corner a young trio takes the stage. Cheap Hotel – Anna Calvi, Uli Mattesson and Gregg Braden. To me it seems like the answer to all that conservative, overblown, boring guitar music. Here I am listening to something that can breath fresh life into the scene. The songs just fizz – nobody hits a drum kit like Braden – absolute raw-power, Matteson’s distorted bass melding melody and groove and then Calvi – an enigma. She’s got it all – the licks, the voice and the look.” The original biography was a little less flowery; “Cheap Hotel formed two years ago after Gregg answered an ad the girls had placed in the NME. In the last twelve months the band have toured the UK with the Pigeon Detectives, Acoustic Ladyland and Mr. Hudson and the Library. This February they are supporting 30 Seconds From Mars at their sold-out Hammersmith Apollo shows. They have their own club night called Pretty Vacancies at The George pub in Shadwell-upon-Thames. “New York” is their debut single”. Sadly the band did not survive the trials of the indie scene. We wish them well.