Dylan Rippon

Dylan Rippon is a songwriter, producer, guitarist and founding member of Solar, Grand Union, Gramercy, Bears From Labrdor and WA Wa Punx. He began his career in London in the late 1990s. Using samplers and tape machines he immersed himself in the lo-fi scene that stood at odds with Britpop. His music is characterised by a collage of styles and textures. Samples, live drums, synthesizers and acoustic guitars are used to create a post-modern pop sound that defies categorisation.
Dylan @ Big Sur Flowing throughout his music is an undeniable americana, a deep love of the blues, country and West Coast psychedelic rock. Rippon attributes this to spending part of his childhood at an American school in the Middle East and his parents love of Buffalo Springfield, The Band and Don Williams. There is also a futuristic vision as analogue bass synthesizers, found sounds and artifacts blend with shimmering guitars, sweet melodies and tape hiss to create his sonic world. His lyrical work is kaleidoscopic and idiosyncratic – raw, visceral, emotionally charged, his subjects far outside the pop ‘norm’; shaken baby syndrome, Jean Baudrillard, coal mines, suicide-bombers, Enrique Metinides, the Battle of The Wilderness, Chinese astronauts, boy soldiers of Sierra Leone, child-abusing Catholic priests and porn stars, to name but a few. “Before I was 12 years old I’d already attended 10 schools in different parts of the world – I never really knew where home was and I always felt like the stranger from out of town”. Contact Management by email: johnstone@everykidknows.com or by telephone: +44 (0)7786806464


Needles On Strange Acoustics LP (1997) – DR
Sure EP (1998) – Solar
Thin Air EP (1998) – Solar
Headshake EP (1998) – Solar
Winterland LP (1998) – Emma Townshend*
New Killers EP (1999) – Solar
Somebody On My Side EP (1999) – Solar
She Can’t Save Me EP (1999) – Solar
Six Suns LP (1999) – Solar
Astrodome LP (2000) – Solar
All That Spanish Dust EP (2001) – Grand Union
All That Indian Rust EP (2001) – Grand Union
Spanish Dust Indian Rust LP (2001) – Grand Union
Blistering Days LP (2002) – DR
Rocks And Sands 7″ Single (2003) – DR
Tigershark LP (2003) – DR
Higher CD single (2003) – DR
Jack Morrow Hills LP (2004) – DR
Hold On CD single (2005) – Gramercy
Gramercy LP (2006) – Gramercy
Hail! Taikonauts LP (2007) – DR
96 LP (2008) – DR
Never Want To See You Again CD single (2008) – DR
Wilderness EP (2008) – Bears From Labrador
El Cantar De Mio Cid EP (2009) – Bears From Labrador
Funeral Train EP (2009) – Bears From Labrador
The Three EPs LP (2009) – Bears From Labrador
American Dream LP (2010) – Bears From Labrador
Hip Hop Kicks LP (2010) – WA Wa Punx
New Worlds LP (2011) – Ptarmigan*
Aret K LP (2012) – Aret K*


*producer role