WA Wa Punx

WA Wa Punx is the unlikely transatlantic Hip-Hop garage-rock mashup created by Cory Jarnagin and Dylan Rippon. Back in the old days of 2009 Dylan was touring the West Coast of the U.S with his band Bears From Labrador. On arriving at a dive bar in Bremerton, Washington, the band learned that Cory was their support act. Armed with nothing more than an iPod to provide the beats Cory took to the stage and blew them away. On returning to the U.K. Dylan and Cory began collaborating on their first album, Hip Hop Kicks. This album was released via Ray onto the KPM music library. Their music has appeared everywhere, from NASCAR Raceday to ‘Made in Chelsea’ to ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ to ‘Being Human’ to Comedy Central’s latest documentary ‘This Is Stand-Up’ to Russia’s ‘Heads and Tails’. You might not have heard of WA Wa Punx but you definitely have heard them! Given the current state of world affairs it felt right for the duo to start zooming and sharing files and they’ve cooked up another brilliant and bonkers album, ‘Phantasia’ set to be released in the very near future. The first single ‘Danny Sucks At Video Games’ is coming out on November 2nd, 2020.